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"Phlebotomist are a work of art"

Class Schedule 2023-2024 Tuesday & Thursday Evening Classes 6:00pm-10:00pm

       Start Date

     End Date

Graduation Date

January 10th 2023

February 16th 2023

February 18th 2023

February 21th 2023

March 30th 2023

April 1st 2023

May 30th 2023

July 6th 2023

July 8th 2023

July 18th 2023

August 24th 2023

August 26th 2023

September 5th 2023

October 12th 2023

October 14th 2023

October 24th 2022

November 30th 2023

December 2nd 2023

December 12th 2023

January 18th 2024

January 20th 2024


About US 

At Phlebotomy Ready Institute your success is our focus. Our professional instructions will go above and beyond to give you the learning tools you will need to become a certified Phlebotomist. We provide the best venipuncture and capillary hands on training. 


                CPR/BLS CLASS


Heartsavers/CPR/First Aid


CPR/BLS Instructor Class